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10 week old pit bull puppy

Hello WordPress community, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  My baby is now a 10 week old pit bull puppy and she is absolutely rotten!  Dasia received her 2nd set of vaccinations on Friday, and I’m happy to report she is doing well.  She weighs 15 pounds, is in great health, well-behaved for a 10 week old puppy… and her temperament towards people and other animals so far is great!  Everyone that meets Dasia adores her, and it tickles me.

Training is training, never-ending.  Every day is different.  Somedays she listens really good while others she is determined to do the opposite unless you have a treat in hand.  Dasia knows “sit” and “down”, though sometimes she chooses not to listen.  She is learning the stay “command” and is doing pretty good with it.  Housebreaking her hasn’t been too difficult.  It’s only a problem when I’m not paying attention or it’s raining outside.  When she’s old enough I’m going to enroll us in an agility training course. Until then she will be enrolled in a puppy education class. Spending the money to enroll her in a puppy education class will be beneficial to her and I both.  It will give her a chance to socialize with other puppies and people.  As for feeding…  Blue Buffalo and Merrick are still too rich for her young digestive system so I’ve switched her to one of the Purina puppy foods.  Don’t worry I checked the ingredients before placing it in the cart.  She gets almost 3/4 of a cup of dry puppy food 3 times a day at 8am, 1pm and 7pm.  If I take her outside around 11pm she tends not to have an accident in her crate.  I also remove her water after 11pm.

Exercise still comes in the form of play time or when its time to potty.  Tug-o-war, trying to ger her critters, playdates, chasing the ball, getting the frisbee (though she hasn’t learned to let me have it), she loves to do it all!  Dasia likes to jump and already at 10 weeks she is pretty agile.  She is really active, loves attention and is never unsupervised when out of the crate, which is most of the time. I read somewhere that her breed loves to be a part of the family so she is very much a part of the family. The crate is only used when I can’t supervise her or she needs to take a time out to calm down.

Having a puppy/dog is a big responsibility but it is also a blast.  Puppies get big quick.  Today Dasia jumped up on the couch for the first time.  Obviously I have some big decisions to make and fast.  I was one of those people who was against pets on the furniture or in the bed.  Now that I have a puppy of my own I have been guilty of letting her sit on the couch with me and she naps in the bed when she wakes up at 6:30 in the morning.  This is cute now but I can’t say that I will be fond of it when she’s a year old and 55-60 pounds.

Based on Dasia and her sister Roxy I’ve noticed the differences in their behavior based on training methods and alloted family time.  Roxy is very nippy still, is always in a constant stage of excitement and has a habit of lunging for faces.  Even the vet mentioned something about Roxy being so nippy.  Anyways, Roxy’s owner has her in the crate more than not and doesn’t get much family (pack) time.  Also Roxy’s owner first attempt to stop the nipping by tapping her on her nose or the side of her mouth and/or hold Roxy’s mouth closed.  Needless to say it was getting under my skin and I wouldn’t stop commenting about it.  I’d even go as far to say during playdates “I better not catch anyone correcting Dasia by hitting her or holding her mouth closed or I will do the same to the one that abuses my puppy”.   Happy to say Roxy’s owner no longer does those things because it’s not right, she got embarrassed and I was having better results without being physical.  Roxy is doing better.  I can pet her now without getting bit but only after I’ve calmed her down.  Roxy’s owner is realizing that out of crate time makes a better adjusted puppy and overall a well-adjusted dog!  It is as much of a learning experience for Roxy’s owner as it is for me.  I think the biggest difference is I take advantage of the internet.

If anyone has a tip or advise my ears are always ready to listen!


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